There are many variables in determining fee structures and the following are a few of the common ways that can be discussed and determined in collaboration with you.

1. Hourly Rates

In this model, services are based on time spent multiplied by an hourly rate. In order to create some predictability capped fees can be established.  

2. Modulated Hourly Rates

In this model, services are based on varying rates, for example, for base legal services, such as phone calls or attendance to less complex matters, the hourly rate will be reduced; and a higher rate  can be established for time dedicated to complex legal affairs.

3. Fixed Fee

To provide clear predictability on a project, a fixed fee can be established. 

4. Volume Structured Fees

Repetitive work can be billed at a discounted rate to account for efficiencies gained.

5. In-house Counsel or Monthly Rates

A set number of hours per month are provided at a reduced rate.

6. Contingency (or success billed) Fees

If the issue permits for a contingency fee then we would collaborate to determine a fair basis in which to establish a contingency fee structure. 

Alternatively, a hybrid hourly rate and contingency fee can be established, which would provide for a lower success based fee with a contribution of up front fees or hourly rates.