Franchise Related Practice Areas


Franchisor Services

* Structure and preparation of franchise agreements and ancillary documentation.  These  may  include:  Sublease agreements, General Security agreements, Trademark License agreements, Software License agreements etc.

* Preparation of disclosure documents in order to comply with the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure) 2000 (Ontario)

*  Corporate  structuring

*   Assisting franchisors with the plethora  of legal matters that arise out of franchising your business

* Review of disclosure documents for non-Canadian franchisors to comply with Franchise Legislation

* Expanding franchise systems into Canada

* Advising franchisors with respect to the impact of technology and communication on franchise and distribution relationships, including electronic commerce issues

* Advising franchisors with respect to other areas of law which impact the operation of franchise systems, including business law, information technology, employment, leasing, taxation

* Advising on franchisee default situations

Franchisee Services

* Legal aspects of buying a franchise, including review of disclosure documents

* Resales and renewals

* Dispute resolution

* Franchisee associations

* Incorporations

* Insolvency issues

Franchise Relationship Services

Franchise relationships can be difficult in the best of circumstances; then  add  landlords, bankers, suppliers, and a variety of advocates in the mix and the relationships can become even more difficult to navigate.  Often threats are levied, feelings are hurt, positions get taken, and proposed solutions seem anything but amicable or available.

I  work  to  resolve disputes before positions become entrenched.   I  have  been very effective in thinking out of the box to come up with solutions before issues  get  out  of  hand.  I try to find a collaborative framework before having to go to the expense of mediation, arbitration or litigation.  

I will  do my  best to  create  a  path  to a fair,  sustainable  and workable solution with the  buy-in of both sides,  and  achieved  through  a collaborative manner. 

Please also keep in mind some of our other services:

* Managing responses to notices in respect of:  defaults, terminations and transfers

* Establishing, structuring, organizing and advising Franchise Advisory Councils

* Establishing, structuring, organizing and advising Franchisee Associations

* Assessing the obligations imposed on the franchise relationships by Franchise Legislation